System Coherence

ISG will demonstrate increased system coherence with a focus on five measures: Decision-making, Data Coherence, Communication, Leadership, and Collaboration.

In line with the System Coherence goal at ISG, we have developed a comprehensive school improvement model to guide our work. This is detailed in the School Improvement Guide, which you can access in the ISG Guides folder on Google Drive. The School Improvement Website houses resources and materials for ISG teachers and staff.

The school improvement structure includes teams at both the system and school level to guide and implement the ISG goals.

ISG will have system teams that comprise the following:

  • System Planning Team is comprised of stakeholders across the system, including parents, students, teachers, administrators and board members (meets twice per annum in addition to annual celebration in May/June).

  • Directors Planning Team (DPT) and Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) include district and school leaders (meet weekly and monthly, respectively).

  • District Student Performance Goal Implementation Teams for each student performance goal: Compassionate Action, Learner Agency and Growing Literacy. (meet thrice per annum and are comprised of members from school implementation teams).

  • System Coherence Implementation Teams for each area of the System Coherence Goal: Decision making, Collaboration, Leadership, Communication, and Data Coherence (meet in person thrice per annum and virtually as needed.  Teams are composed of members from the school system coherence implementation teams as well as faculty and staff from the district office).

ISG will have school based teams that comprise of the following:

  • School Improvement Teams (SIT) that meet monthly and caretake school improvement process; at least one representative from the System Planning Team and the ILT are represented on school SIT teams.  

  • Implementation Teams for each goal and associated Action Plan: Compassionate Action, Learner Agency, Growing Literacy, System Coherence that meet monthly; two-three times per year, they report to SIT teams and plan continued action based on feedback; these teams caretake, monitor and revise the Action Plans.  Members of the System Coherence teams meet monthly as a system with their respective component (decision-making, data coherence, communication, leadership, collaboration) and monthly with their school teams at the regularly scheduled monthly School Improvement Meeting.

Please refer to the models in the image gallery that represent the above described structures. These models define the layers of our school improvement processes and represent a complex structure to ensure coherence across the system. Each of these layers works collaboratively across the system.