School Improvement Overview

For up to date information on our school improvement process, action plans, and data reports, please see the ISG School Improvement Website.

Informed by our Middle States Association (MSA) reaccreditation self-study, School Improvement Teams, the MSA Planning Team and the Instructional Leadership Team, ISG has committed to four strategic goals to inform the future direction of ISG.  Of these four goals, three are student performance goals and one is an organizational capacity goal. Each carries a series of measures that will inform progress and success.  

  1. ISG students will demonstrate increased learner agency.

  2. ISG students will demonstrate increased compassionate action.

  3. ISG students will demonstrate increased growth in literacy.

  4. ISG will demonstrate increased system coherence (areas of focus include decision-making, data coherence, communication, leadership, collaboration).  

As described in the ISG School Improvement Guide, our system has established a complex structure to ensure coherence across the system.  System teams are responsible for monitoring progress against our strategic goals, and implementing action plans across the district and at the school site level.



ISG System Goals