Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

During Spring 2018, a diverse group of educators across all ISG schools met with an external consultant to create the ISG Standards for Professional Practice and the ISG Professional Learning Handbook. The results of these two documents become the base of personal growth and professional evaluation for ISG staff.

As outlined in the Handbook, one key component of professional growth at ISG is the Professional Growth Plan (PGP).  All staff members engage in a Professional Growth Plan (PGP), an inquiry based tool that engages staff members in various learning opportunities grounded in the ISG Standards for Professional Practice.The PGP begins and ends with purposeful and thoughtful reflection and embeds meaningful feedback into the process. Collaboration is embedded within the PGP process, and teams may choose to develop one collectively; however, staff members may choose to develop an individual growth area and still engage with learning networks that will allow for collaboration.

ISG Professional Growth Plan Template (2019-2020)

ISG Professional Learning Handbook

ISG Standards for Professional Practice

ISG Standards for Professional Practice