Parent Resource Page

Child Protection Resources:

1) Common Sense

   Preschools (2-4)

   Ages 5-7

  Ages 8-9

  Ages 10-12

  Teens (13+)

2) Childnet

3) International Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Resources for all ISG Parents: 

NESA Recording - Parents as Partners Webinar 1: Parenting in the time of COVID 19

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 2: Supporting Learning and Well Being at Home

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 3: Collaborating Effectively: The Parent Teacher Partnership

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 4 Mental Health Risk and Living as an Expat with Sean Truman

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 5: Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 6: Building Racial Literacy and Building Human Empathy

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 7: Partnering with Parents to Improve Student Achievement 

NESA Parents as Partners Webinar 8: Raising Children to Thrive Amidst Change and Uncertainty 

How to Turn on Grid View in Google Meets

Introduction to Gizmos

How to use Google Slides 


Parents of KG-Grade 2 / Foundation Stage-Year 3 

Guide to Using Google Classroom (Mac/PC version)

Guide to Using Google Classroom on Mobile Devices

How to Turn in an Assignment in Google Classroom

How to turn on Email Notifications in Google Classroom

How to Upload Images to Google Classroom

Safety in my Online NeighborhoodSafety for kids while navigating the online world 

That's Private! The importance of online privacy and what students should and should not share


Parents of Grade 3-7 / Year 4-8 

Tutorial WakleteA collection of tutorials on virtual platforms: Google slides, Google docs, Flipgrid, Screen capture, Padlet, Storyboard, Talk & Comment Google extension

The Readers and Writer's Workshop ExplainedWhat it is, why we use it, and how it looks in the classroom and at home 

This is MeHow does what I post online effect my identity?

Beyond Gender StereotypesHow stereotypes affect our experiences


Parents of Grade 8-12 / Year 9-13 

Science Lessons for IGSCE Science Students

Pear DeckThis google extension allows for interaction when using slides to introduce a new topic. Students can give their opinions, suggestions, questions and ideas using pear deck. They can express their ideas using text, drawing or a draggable created by the teacher. 

Arabic Grammar

Physical Education (PE) at DBGS5 weekly uploaded videos created by PE staff for students 



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