Our Teams

Dr. Eric Brown - Director for Learning

Dr. Eric Brown, Director for Learning

Dr. Eric Brown has worked in international education for the past 10 years and is passionate about student learning and helping educators with their professional growth. As an educator at DEMS, he taught grade 7 math and science, guided the school in standards based learning, and coached teams through implementation of new standards in numerous content areas. Prior to international teaching, Eric taught social studies for seven years in US public schools. He holds a MS in Education Administration and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. He and his wife Jamie (DHS teacher) have two sons, James (6) and Alex (4). Eric’s goals for 2018-19 are moving forward with the strategic goals that support ISG’s mission, namely to lead the learning and provide support to ISG schools in their work around the guiding principles, school improvement, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning.

Richard Charlesworth - School Improvement Coordinator

Richard Charlesworth

Richard initially joined ISG in 2015 as an Economics and Business Studies Teacher at DBGS and was the Professional Learning Coordinator for 2 years at the school. Prior to this he was teaching in a Sixth Form College in Manchester, England. He has experience teaching in both state and independent schools in the UK and spent over 3 years working in a bilingual school in Bangkok. He is passionate about creating and supporting effective educational environments through building trust, collaboration and cooperation and looks forward to assisting all stakeholders in the school improvement process.

Jamie Brown - District Learning Coordinator - Social Studies

Jamie Brown

Jamie is a Social Studies educator with 14 years of classroom experience in Georgia, USA, Shenzhen, China, and Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. During those years, Jamie has served schools as accreditation leader, department chair, and curriculum leader. Focusing on developing and implementing Social Studies curriculum Jamie has had the opportunity to work with Social Studies curriculum leaders around the globe, including developer of the C3 standards, Kathy Swan, and designers of the AERO standards Fay Gore and Michelle Kuhns. Social studies including history, geography, civics, and economics are essential for local to global problem solving. Jamie is passionate about helping students and teachers make global connections.

Jennifer Cradlin - District Learning Coordinator - English Language Arts

Jennifer Cradlin

After a double undergraduate degree in Shakespeare and Cultural Studies at George Mason University, Jenny began teaching in Virginia, USA. Prior to full-time teaching Jenny taught an English immersion program to Austrian and German students in Kent, England. She soon returned to school for her Masters in Education while continuing her full-time teaching career. In 2008 Jenny decided to take her career international. She taught in Kuwait for 3 years and has been at ISG for 7 years.  She is currently working toward a Masters in Psychology. Jenny is most grateful for the people, the encounters, the opportunities, and the travel she has experienced. She sincerely looks forward to all the exciting prospects and opportunities that ISG has to offer and the practices and pedagogies she can learn from my colleagues along the way.

Nicole Fedio - District Learning Coordinator & Mathematics Coach

Nicole Fedio

Nicole has been the K-12 ISG District Mathematics Coach since arriving in Saudi Arabia in 2015. Prior to this, she taught high school math for over fourteen years in China, India, Seattle, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Ghana. Inspired by the work of educators like Erma Anderson and Jo Boaler, she is passionate about creating environments where all students are empowered to learn mathematics at a high level. Everyone has a math brain. Nicole comes alive when she is able to help students and teachers access mathematics in new and exciting ways.

Hala Ghoneim - District Learning Coordinator - Global Languages

Hala Ghoneim

With over ten years of experience in teaching, fifteen in translation, and a familiarity with both the British and American curricula, Hala has continuously strived to engender a feeling of passion and excitement for global languages that helps bridge both a cultural and linguistic gap. Teaching students from a variety of backgrounds, Hala finds that a strong pedagogical relationship is imperative to succeeding in communicating the wonder of foreign languages, and aims to achieve this in all her classes. Everyone, though they may not realize it at first, has something significant to gain from the immersion in and engagement with a new language, whether this be the ability to communicate in a friend’s mother tongue or finding new ways to express oneself. As the District Coordinator of Global Languages, Hala hopes to help each student find their own affinity for a global language.

Lisa Karsten - District Learning Coordinator - Physical Education

Lisa Karsten

Lisa is a passionate and enthusiastic Physical and Health Education teacher who has taught for the past ten years in Kuwait, China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. She has taught and coached elementary, middle and high school students and has also worked with some incredible colleagues who have challenged her to continuously strive to make the PE program in all schools an exciting part of every child’s day, no matter their skill level or ability. As a PE teacher, Lisa feels most empowered when students take learning into their own hands and also when they understand the lifelong benefits that a healthy lifestyle outside of the PE classroom. As District Coordinator of PE, Lisa is excited to help implement common alignment across the district and continue to help develop the strong PE program at ISG.

Cabbie Rein - District Learning Coordinator - Early Years

Cabbie Rein

Cabbie moved from South Africa to the UAE in 1997 and was a founding teacher at Dubai American Academy which opened in 1998. Prior to arriving at ISG three years ago, she worked in school reform as a consultant, advisor and Head of Faculty in Arabic kindergarten schools in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Additionally she consulted with teachers and administrators in K-5 public schools in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Cabbie is passionate about working with young learners by providing them access to creative learning opportunities.  Kindergarten is her superpower - what’s yours?

Zeina Sakr - District Learning Coordinator - Science

Zeina Sakr

Zeina Sakr has over 13 years of experience teaching Math and Science, seven of which have been gained at DEMS. She has been the MS Maths/Science facilitator for the past 4 years as well as being involved with familiarizing teams across the district with the Next Generation Science Standards. Her passion for science started in high school but the desire to channel that passion, carried her forward through her tertiary education and professional career. As a District Learning Coordinator for Science, Zeina will endeavour to meet her objective of inspiring students and teachers to take an "in the scientist's shoes" approach to both teaching and learning. In line with the NGSS, Zeina is a firm believer that students and teachers alike must think and act like scientists in order to gain the most out of the curriculum; while giving them a better understanding of how the theory is applied in the real world. Finally, Zeina would like to invite you to join her in taking up the challenge of preparing our students for the exciting yet unpredictable science based future.