Updates from the Learning Office - September Edition

11 September 2019

Updates from the Learning Office - August Edition

The Fall 2019 ISG Book Clubs are underway. Special thanks to the 10 book club hosts who are engaging over 40 staff members with professional conversations involving best practices for student learning. 


External consultant Steve Barkley is working with our administrators on creating a leadership coaching culture. He is also working with our teacher leaders on coaching their teams on the 2019-2020 ISG Professional Growth Plan.


During the student minimum days in September and October, our Support Staff will receive professional development on designing and delivering effective sessions for adult learners. 


In an effort to achieve our strategic goals of increased learner agency, increased compassionate action and growing literacy, we are specifically targeting professional development this year to equip teachers with strategies to enrich student learning. We look forward to collaborating and providing support over the course of the year.  


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