Updates from the Learning Office - October Edition

15 October 2019

The Learning Office would like to thank all of the schools for the warm welcome we received at our presentation last month. The photo in this article is a visual of all your responses to the concluding question asked: “This year, I want my students to… .” We’ve categorized them using our Mission Statement themes of innovation and compassionate action.  More on this to come in how this all links to our strategic goals.  


External consultant Steve Barkley has been working with ISG administrators and middle leaders on creating a coaching culture.  Steve will continue to work with administrators and teachers this year, including a Skype session for all staff at November 14th’s ISG Learns.


External consultant Cheryl Brown is working with our ISG counselors this week on creating strong counseling programs anchored on the International School Counseling Association (ISCA) standards


ISG Jubail high school teacher Tom McLean recently facilitated a Compass Education course in Jubail and on the Dhahran campus working with teachers and administrators on sustainability and systems thinking. Special thanks to Tom who helped us address challenges & develop strategies to resolve issues. 


DEMS Lead Literacy Teachers (LiLTs) have been collaboratively working in the ISG Learning Office on curriculum mapping and integration of units. To book this learning space for your upcoming professional collaboration, please contact the Learning Office. 


The Learning Office will be offering Continuous Professional Development workshops in the coming months after school and during student early release days. 


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