Updates from the Learning Office - November Edition

05 November 2018

ISG Learns

The next ISG Learns is quickly approaching on November 8th!  This year we’ve organized learning opportunities for all teachers and staff across ISG, offering a wide range of workshops and trainings.  To review the sessions you signed up for and session details, you can access the ISG Learns Website Resource Center.

TAs attended professional development workshops during October with visiting consultant Eva Cartwright.  ISG schools continue their commitment to learning opportunities for TAs, and one commented that it was “one of the best training sessions that I had.”  Thanks to all the teachers and leaders who supported attendance by the TAs!

The Professional Learning Task Force continues its work to develop a system for professional growth and evaluation at ISG.  School leaders and Task Force members have shared the revised Professional Growth Plan (PGP) at each school, ahead of sessions available at the November 8th ISG Learns.

Work to develop a Curriculum Scope & Sequence for each subject area is underway; interested teachers are participating in sessions across October to develop these per the Continuous Curriculum Review.  English Language Arts and PE are continuing work that began last year, and Social Studies is initiating a plan this fall.  If you’re interested in joining the work, please contact the Learning Office.

Upcoming professional development opportunities for Counseling and Science are planned for the coming months.  Consultant Paul Andersen will be returning to ISG to work with Science teachers on NGSS implementation in science.  Cheryl Brown will be coming to ISG to work on implementing the ISCA Standards with counselors.

Find learning opportunities at the ISG Learns Website and on the Professional Learning Calendar.

Connect with others across ISG on the ISG Google+ Communities and on Twitter at #isglearns.

Contact us with comments, questions or suggestions at learningoffice@isg.edu.sa.