Updates from the Learning Office - May 14, 2020

14 May 2020

virtual LO

Thank you to all those who signed up for the Spring/Summer Virtual Learning Opportunities. We have 30 staff members from across ISG who will engage in online PD on a number of topics. The Learning Office looks forward to working with you on your post-PD implementation journey, through our Collaborative Action Plan. You’ll hear from us soon.


How can we celebrate student and teacher successes?  Consider submitting to the ISG Learns Blog by clicking on this link.  


Do not forget to sign up for Fall 2020 Book Clubs HERE!


Here are the Learning Office’s favorite articles, webinars, and videos for the week: 




  • Reminder! The Inquiry Educator’s Summit from May 16-17 will be virtual and is stacking quite the line up of educators.  Best of all, it’ll be FREE!




  • Chicago State University College of Education has some free webinars for educators to help them navigate the eLearning process. 


  • John Krasinski does it again! Some Good News - (Episode 7)


  • https://oxplore.org/ - “Affectionately known as the ‘home of the BIG Questions’ by users,  Oxplore is a free educational website created by Oxford University and designed to engage 11-18 year olds with complex ideas across a wide range of subjects from maths and english, to philosophy and economics.”


  • For those on Facebook, check out the group Global Educator Collective. There are now over 128,000 members all tackling distance learning and sharing resources.