Update from the Learning Office - February Edition

06 February 2019

ISG Arts Festival 2019

The ISG Arts Festival took place on January 22nd, highlighting student work from all ISG schools across music and visual arts. Special thanks to Yeliz Christensen for all of her hard work in organizing the event. Make sure to check out all of the photos HERE and check out the  VIDEO. Feedback is needed to make the event even better next year, so please fill out this SURVEY.  


The Learning Office offered a PGP Helpdesk in Jubail on January 27th. With the help of Nichola Smith from DEMS, they will be offering another PGP Helpdesk on the Dhahran Campus on February 11 from 10:30 to 2:30 in the Harkness Room located in the Learning Commons.  A date for Dammam and Sara Village will be set soon. For any teacher who would like some coaching for their PGP, this will be a great opportunity for feedback.


The Learning Office, in coordination with Human Resources, will begin offering workshops on a variety of topics starting February. Be on the lookout for workshops on Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Summative and Formative Assessments, Learning Agency, and Using Manipulatives to Build a Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics. Stay tuned!


The Learning Office held a Curriculum Retreat on January 20 and brought together curriculum caretakers from each school across ISG. It was a productive day of digging in to the elements of the ISG Continuous Curriculum Review as well as making plans for future curriculum implementation.


The Lead Literacy Teachers from all elementary/primary schools met on January 23rd and re-examined norming for the writing progressions, data collection methods, and ways we assess reading.  Special thanks to Kristi Lonheim and Nicki Rawn for helping guide the discussions.  


Reminder: For those interested in hosting an ISG Book Club, make sure you fill out THIS FORM by the morning of February 7.


Remember to check out the ISG Learns Blog on when you too can be a contributor.  Submissions have been published in other international publications.  


Do you want to collaborate with your colleagues across the district?  Virtually connect with them at the various Google+ communities on the ISG Learns website.  


Do you need more ideas for targeted professional learning for your PGP? Make sure you are checking out the Professional Learning Calendar and Resource Center for webinars, courses, and resources.  If you have any ideas for additional resources, contact the Learning Office.


It has been a little over one year since we embarked on our new School Improvement process targeting Learner Agency, Compassionate Action, Growing Literacy, and System Coherence.  Make sure to read through the Strategic Goals Report  for this month that captures all of the amazing school improvement processes that have been created.  


Find learning opportunities at the ISG Learns Website and on the Professional Learning Calendar.

Connect with others across ISG on the ISG Google+ Communities and on Twitter at #isglearns.

Contact us with comments, questions, or suggestions at learningoffice@isg.edu.sa.