Strategic Goals Report - December Edition

03 December 2018

DEMS LA Staff Meeting

It has been one year since the MSA accreditation team visited our district.  Since then, the strategic goals and school implementation processes have guided what we do here at ISG.  Collaborative teams are hard at work to make progress on our strategic goals and stay true to our guiding principles.  If you are not yet part of a school improvement implementation team and want to become part of this dynamic process, please talk to your site administrator.  

Learner Agency

Training sessions and workshops have taken place at various sites across the district focused on how teachers can incorporate specific indicators of learner agency in their lessons.

By now, most teachers across the district should have both engaged in a learning walk and/or been observed by a learning walk group.

To view the results of the most recent learning walks, go to the School Improvement Website and select your school under the Learner Agency tab. Using the filters on the Learning Walk Data Studio, you can isolate the results by date, school, and department or division.

Compassionate Action

Compassion is part of ISG's mission and at the heart of what we do. The breadth of compassion based activities and initiatives across the district is truly impressive:

ISG Dammam - Core Values training, Compassion drives for custodians and local communities, Mindful Monday and Compassion club

DBGS - Compassion themed assemblies, Compassion buddies, World Kindness Day activities, Student mentoring program

DEMS - Student driven curriculum building around Core Values, Walk-a-thon planning and fundraising

DHS - +LINK mentor program is being rolled out to the staff (student led mentorship program for freshmen and new students)

ISG Jubail - Counseling curriculum for Middle and High School, Responsive Classroom, Mindfulness, mentorship program for High School leaders; Me to We & RAK clubs

District Office - Planning for the March 2019 Compassion Summit in Jordan

Growing Literacy

Teams have been busy across the district working on numerous literacy based initiatives. Some of the current focuses for the teams are:

  • Creating meaningful assessments in literacy

  • Incorporating new standards into assessments

  • Conducting audits on data usage and knowledge of assessments

  • Strengthening the literacy transition between schools

  • Peer observations

  • Refining and updating action plans

System Coherence

Decision-Making: The draft decision making protocol has been tested in most sites and has been updated to reflect feedback from users. A rationale for the protocol is currently being produced for the next round of testing as well as an information leaflet.

Leadership: Work will soon begin on drafting a set of ISG Leadership Standards, which will be used in conjunctions with the ISG Standards of Professional Practice to ensure quality leadership across the district.

Collaboration: The team is investigating ways in which collaboration can be recorded/documented as well the barriers to collaboration across ISG.

Communication: The team conducted a district wide SWOT analysis which helped pinpoint specific areas to focus on for improvement.

Data Coherence: After analysing results of their Data Management Software survey, the team has decided that a more indepth, site based investigation is required to determine the specific needs of each school.