School Improvement Update November 2019

27 November 2019

School Improvement Update November 2019

The school improvement process has sharpened its focus in terms of the indicators for Learner Agency and Compassionate Action. There are now 10 indicators, five for each goal. The Learner Agency Learning Walk indicators have been linked with ISG's Profile of Graduates (Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Individuality, Open Mindedness, Growth mindset). The Compassionate Action indicators have been linked with ISG's Core Values (respect, integrity, responsibility, acceptance, commitment to act). This should create a common language as well as consistency in our classrooms as we move closer to our mission - "We inspire innovation and compassionate action."

In response to feedback, groups of teachers from across the district have worked on creating an informative Teachers Guide in line with the Steve Barkley Student Achievement model. It outlines the types of student behaviors and teacher behaviors that might be necessary to achieve each indicator for both Learner Agency and Compassionate Action. This guide has been created to help build understanding and provide inspiration.


Please find additional revised resources in this folder: 

2020 Agency and Compassion


Resources include:

  • Staff presentation outlining the rationale for the sharpened focus

  • ISG School Improvement GANTT chart - for school self-assessment on their progress with learner agency and compassionate action (work in progress)


Learning Walks 2019/2020 onwards folder:

  • Revised learning walks guide sheet

  • Revised feedback form

  • Revised learning walk protocol 

  • Teacher's guide - providing examples of student and teacher behaviors

  • Learner agency look-fors rubric


Compassionate Action 2019/2020 onwards folder:

  • Compassionate Action Resource Bank folder - created by Annelise Hammock-Mulack (DHS) as part of the Compassionate Action Round Table initiative. This folder is where teachers can share any resources relating to Compassionate Action that they have used

  • Teacher's Guide - providing examples of student and teacher behaviors

  • Original Core Values documents outlining student and teacher behaviors

  • Compassionate Action Look-fors rubric (work in progress)


School Improvement teams and teachers should take some time exploring these resources and perhaps even contribute to the Compassionate Action resource bank.


If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know. Feedback is always welcome.