School Improvement Update

02 October 2018

System Goals

Implementation teams (Learner Agency, Compassionate Action and Growth in Literacy) and System Coherence Teams (Decision-making, Collaboration, Communication, Leadership and Data Coherence) have done an excellent job starting the process of achieving our strategic goals. The first meetings have taken place for most teams, and new targets have been set. The School Improvement Website has been created to help with the facilitation of these meetings across the district.

Learning walks are in the process of being scheduled and will begin across the district in the coming weeks. The data gathered from these will inform the Learner Agency teams at each site and allow them to better target areas for improvement.

The first results are in from this year's student survey for Compassionate Action and Learner Agency.  All students across the district have been asked to answer the 15 questions, which are the same as were asked last year. The snapshot provided by this survey will help the Compassionate Action and Learner Agency teams to focus their action plans on specific issues affecting the students as well as identifying trends in the data.

Data from both the learning walks and the student survey can be viewed on the school improvement website. Filters can be applied to isolate specific schools and dates as well as, in some cases, graduation year for the students responding.

Shout Outs:

  • Amanda Lester and Libby Lies are in the process of introducing a new mentoring program at DHS called Link Crew as part of their Compassionate Action roles. The aim of the program is to provide support to students transitioning into the school by pairing them up with older students.

  • Brett Howard (DBGS), Rosella Gadison (District) and Shona Van Tonder (Jubail) worked as a subgroup within the Decision-Making team to produce a draft version of a Decision-Making Protocol for ISG. The protocol will be tested and start its trial run soon, with the hope of it being adopted by all sectors across ISG.

  • Abir Nehmetallah (District) has put together a survey for each school to deduce the different management software programs that are in use and the satisfaction levels. The aim is to achieve greater data coherence across the district.

  • Sara Doumani (District) shared a communications survey with all ISG staff to identify ways in which communication can be improved between all stakeholders at ISG.

  • Emma Ahmad (Jubail) lead a whole school session on Learner Agency, bringing all staff up to speed on integrating more agency into their teaching. This inspired Nazli Ahmed  (DEMS) to do the same and will present, with her team, to the whole school on October 14th.