Mr. Ham's Tech Tips

19 October 2021

Mr. Ham's Tech Tips

Ready to level up your tech game? In this week's edition of Mr. Ham’s Tech Tips, you can find some valuable tips that will help you integrate technology more effectively into your classroom!


Pear Deck, an excellent Google Slides add-on, has a number of formative assessment templates available for the science classroom. These templates include activities for drawing, drag and drop, labelling, graphing and even a self-paced lab report. 


Google Earth has a number of useful mapping applications for the classroom that target skills in geography, social studies and more.  Using the web version of Google Earth, you can find pre-made lessons, create and share placemarks, share games & quizzes via Google Classroom and more. 


Ziplet is a flexible, powerful and easy to use tool for creating digital exit tickets, which can be used at the end of a class to check for understanding, or see how students feel about a topic. Teachers can create a digital forum where students write responses to questions or respond with emojis. Best of all, there is no login required for basic features, which is great for younger students! 


Check out the full document containing links, resources and tutorials for these tips by clicking here.


If you have any questions or want to learn more tips, send me a message anytime at You can also check out my YouTube Channel to find short video tutorials on a wide variety of tech tools.