Student Engagement and Responsibility at DHS

05 December 2019 | Amanda Lester & Annelise Hammond

Student Engagement and Responsibility at DHS

At DHS, in addition to providing students support and feedback to reach course aims, teachers reinforce the DHS Attributes of respect, responsibility, and engagement.  

While the DHS Performance Standards target student academic growth, DHS Attributes provide a vehicle to emphasize the soft skills and executive functions that are necessary to succeed in the ever-changing workforce.  Developing these traits as part of the high school experience enables students to approach future challenges and opportunities with confidence, experience, and insight, as well as to empower DHS graduates to continue striving for excellence after graduation.  Furthermore, an intentional focus on these learning behaviors shifts the focus of school from solely grades and academics to one of knowledge, learning, and character.

The integration of these attributes into DHS classrooms is a golden opportunity for professional collaboration.  Because the ISG family is full of talented and dedicated educators, capacity for building a culture of respect, responsibility, and engagement already exists. Recently, a conversation has begun at DHS where staff share strategies and resources that center around student engagement and responsibility through a Google Group created for this purpose.  These conversations are part of a larger plan to share and build on the knowledge and experience of current DHS staff members.  

The ultimate goal for the resources produced from this community-wide effort  is to provide concrete exemplars of how respect, responsibility, and engagement are encouraged, modeled, and explicitly communicated with students. This results in a more effective, personalized learning experience for students which, in turn, fosters student achievement.

For more ideas that you can bring into your classroom please see the below factsheets with strategies and tips from DHS teachers: 

Student Engagement Factsheet

Responsibility Factsheet

If any of these ideas resonate with you or if you have ideas to share, please comment below so we can continue the conversation!