Piano Student's Dedication in a Virtual Environment

01 June 2020 | Anna Garlington

Student lesson with Skype.

Nathan, a year 7 student at DBGS in Dhahran, surprised me with the skill he displayed in playing a lovely Grade 1 piano piece called Agincourt. Nathan, who really struggled to find time to practice during regular school days, has finally had the time and focus to discover his musical ability! It has been amazing to see the amount of time he has spent learning new pieces, after having just started learning to play the piano with me this year. I had been somewhat apprehensive as to his interest in his piano lessons, since he seemed to forget to come, for one reason or another, most weeks during January and February of this year. He is very polite and always apologised, but I wondered when he would start to enjoy the music and make more of an effort to practice. Well, being at home has proved to be the best opportunity for Nathan to finally have that breakthrough! The smile on his face tells it all! Well done, Nathan!