Mr. Ham's Tech Tips

06 October 2020 | Brian Ham

Brian Ham

Ready to level up your tech game? In this week's edition of Mr. Ham’s Tech Tips, you can find some valuable tips that will help you integrate technology more effectively into your classroom!

  • Learn how to provide quick feedback to all of your students using the Mote chrome extension, with the free version offering up to 30 seconds of recording time for voice comments.
  • Turn any existing PDF files (like graphic organizers, reflection sheets, diagrams, etc) into documents with fillable areas so that your students can write directly on the page.
  • Use the “split-screen” trick on your Macbook or iMac computer to have two proportionally sized windows on the screen simultaneously, which is particularly useful for seeing your Google Meet session and your teaching materials at the same time.

Check out the full document containing links, resources and tutorials for these tips by clicking here.

If you have any questions or want to learn more tips, send me a message anytime at You can also check out my YouTube channel to find short video tutorials on a wide variety of tech tools.