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25 January 2020

The other day in my 4th grade classroom I offered a problem from Erma’s LiveBinder titled, “The Baker”.  I’ve been thinking about the assessme

18 January 2020

The number of people using technology is increasing rapidly, and with the constant change and update to the specifications, schools are pressu

17 December 2019

We have all experienced frustrations with learning in our lives, and when we struggle to learn we often put it down to a lack of ability.

15 December 2019

Refining one’s craft appears to be the eternal search for that ever so close feeling of completeness and satisfaction we yearn for as educator

05 December 2019

On November 24-25, the entire Learning Commons staff closed the library and traveled to the exotic nation of Bahrain for an intensive two-day training a

05 December 2019

At DHS, in addition to providing students support and feedback to reach course aims, teachers reinforce the DHS Attributes of respect, respons

03 December 2019

On Saturday 30th November Dammam Little Explorers staff and Dhahran Little Learners staff engaged in an intense five-hour introduction to Early Years ed

02 December 2019

Early Saturday morning, I attended an event called the Network Leader in Bahrain through Level 5.

26 November 2019

“ Effort+Ability

__________ = Success,” Steve Barkley.


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