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01 June 2020

Nathan, a year 7 student at DBGS in Dhahran, surprised me with the skill he displayed in playing a lovely Grade 1 piano piece called Agincourt.

27 April 2020

As the world frantically responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual learning is experiencing a sudden boom.

15 April 2020

The best classroom management tool is an engaging lesson. - SEAN JUNKINS

01 March 2020

Nine Students (Year 6, 8,10 DBGS, Grade 7 DEMS, Grade 12 DHS) from the Dhahran Campus took part in a focus group hosted by the Learning Office

29 February 2020

On Saturday 22nd of February, all three ISG Day Care Centers came together to explore the science of early childhood education from birth to four years.

29 February 2020

The next time you walk into a drama room and see a messy teacher’s desk with fake teeth in the paper clip holder, and the odd prop (wig, g

25 January 2020

The other day in my 4th grade classroom I offered a problem from Erma’s LiveBinder titled, “The Baker”.  I’ve been thinking about the assessme

18 January 2020

The number of people using technology is increasing rapidly, and with the constant change and update to the specifications, schools are pressu

17 December 2019

We have all experienced frustrations with learning in our lives, and when we struggle to learn we often put it down to a lack of ability.