Scope & Sequence

ISG defines the term "Scope and Sequence" as a plan within one subject that spans grade levels and is vertically aligned. This includes the following:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge and Content
  • Disciplinary domains (reading, writing, modeling, performance, cross-cutting concepts, etc.)

The Scope & Sequence is distinct from a Curriculum Map; it is a vertical map across multiple years, revised every 3-5 years as per standards adoption and the Continuous Curriculum Review process.

A curriculum map includes the following:

  • Themes
  • Standards
  • Assessments
  • Unit Names
  • Pacing
  • Resources

This is a year long map for a specific subject, course or grade level; for ES may serve as a horizontal map for a grade level. This is revised annually as per teaching teams and continuous reflection. Examples are available on the ISG Scope and Sequence folder.